About Us

The Snunit Center for the Advancement of Web Based Learning, established by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is the largest educational web portal in Israel and the first of its kind: is a leading organization in the field of online education, which aspires to improve personal and social growth within the Israeli society.

Snunit was established in 1994 as a project within the School of Education at the Hebrew University, by Prof. Nava Ben Zvi and Dudu Rishti before the Internet became widely used by the Israeli public. In the summer of 1999, Snunit became a, non-profit, non-governmental organization established by the Hebrew University and the Nir and Beverly Barkat family.

Snunit's main target audience is elementary school and junior high school aged children,their teachers and parents. 90% of the Internet connected elementary schools in Israel, upwards of 250,000 children a month and 15,000 households from Metula to Eilat, frequent Snunit's sites including Snunit's flagship portal, Galim. Five hundred and sixty public libraries, community centers, and hospital children departments also learn with Galim on a regular basis.

Snunit realizes its mission through creating, developing and managing original and innovative educational sites. These sites (such as: Snunit, the Galim portal, the "Invitation to Piyut" site and the "Kids Gov" portal) provide children with quality content that is adapted to school curriculum requirements. The sites have a wealth of content and activities. They incorporate databases, virtual exhibitions, discussion groups, and online consultation services. The online content focus on authentic Internet use, and conform to the principle that children learn and internalize better through experiential learning. Snunit has a special expertise in developing media-rich, experiential learning environments that combine a quality educational process with fun (Edutainment). These environments have achieved proven and unprecedented success among educational sites.

Snunit is exposed to millions of users a month – usage of Snunit's educational sites stands at 3 million unique users and 40 million page views a year (according to data from Google analytics and internal reports). The number of visits to the site grows steadily every month, as Snunit strives to address the growing demand for quality content on the Internet.


In 2011, the Snunit Center received a rating of "very good" on the NPO effectiveness scale, thereby receiving Seal of Effectiveness by Midot and has achieved all required standards, and is a partner in the "Round Up" project.

Snunit's board of directors includes members such as: Prof. Nava Ben Zvi, President of Hadassah College; Mr, Ronen Barel, Chairman and President of Ernst and Young; Ms. Billy Shapira, Director-General of the Hebrew University; Mr. Izhar Shay, partner in the Canaan Venture Capital Fund.